• Snacks, cheese and mixed vegetables
  • Grilled sliced meat, mixed salad and two dips on the side
  • Sandwich and fries
  • Pizza and different types of food on the table
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About us

The recipes for Ditali’s Pizza were inspired by two Italian immigrants by way of New York to New Orleans where they started their first pizzeria over 25 years ago. Today, Ditali’s continues their tradition of New York Style Pizza.

Our pizzas are made from only the finest ingredients and freshest produce. We use the highest quality Stanislaus tomato products for our housemade pizza sauce, marinara sauce and bolognese from vine ripened tomatoes. They are slow cooked for hours, giving our customers that true homemade taste. Our alfredo cream sauce starts with whole milk, heavy cream, and real butter. It is a decadent indulgence! We have always hand cut our vegetables and use only the highest quality pizza toppings. Barilla pasta is the only pasta we use, including our egg fettuccine, as it is the best from Italy.

Our dough is made fresh daily from high protein flour and imported olive oil and allowed to rise slowly making our pizza crust crispy on the bottom and the top is soft in the heart.This process also allows it to be digested more easily. Our pizza and pasta dishes are topped with whole milk mozzarella. And just like in New York, our pizzas are hand-thrown and baked in stone ovens.

If you’ve enjoyed one of our many sandwiches, you’ll see that we use Leindenheimer’s, a local baker, for our french bread and have done so for years as well as authentic Amoroso hoagies from Philadelphia for our Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches.

In our pasta dishes and pizzas, you’ll find freshly made basil pesto, imported feta cheese as well as gorganzola and aged Parmesan. At Ditali’s, where only the best is expected, we hand make our crabcakes, and in our seafood dishes, use only Gulf shrimp, crab and crawfish. Among our dressings, you’ll find three of them that we make right here in our kitchen, cranberry, sweet red wine as well as citrus vinaigrette.

Our family has made these recipes for almost 30 years and will continue these traditions for years to come, thanks to our loyal customers!